18/04/01 05:41
PLEIX is a virtual community of digital artists.
My Pet Skeleton - Art.

For your information: I'll be in NY between today 18-23 April thus no updates. See you soon and come with us to OFFF in May.

18/04/01 01:29
One of our past Special Features SIKKO (TMB) just redesigned his site, and he's looking for a job in Vancouver.

16/04/01 18:52
Dennis Interactive redesigns.

11/04/01 11:20
Kenneth Cole - Fashion (updated).
Unorganised - Personal portfolio site.
Dean Zillwood - Photographer.
Front242 - Flash overkill.

11/04/01 08:26
A new issue of Digital Web Magazine is released including an interview with myself, check it out!

10/04/01 23:43
J.Lindeberg - Swedish fashion (updated). Also see J.Lindeberg On Course for more.

10/04/01 01:35
Amp Associates - Design and Art Direction.

09/04/01 22:48
The snowboard design competition Monson just updated the gallery with tons of submissions.

09/04/01 22:23
The Truth is What You Believe - Art.
Some instructions to enter:
(1) Click on the door knob. The key is halfway revealed. (2) Click on the door that is over to the far left. A little dude pops out and the hand reveals the entire key. (3) Grab the key with your mouse and drag it over the doorknob and release. That should do it.

09/04/01 22:23
Secret Six - web based gallery-setting devoted to showing high quality contemporary art.

Subdisc - Personal portfolio site.

09/04/01 18:16
5 cities, 5 artists, 5 works of art, LIGHT, webcasted via satellite - Absolut Lights.


So good that we heard one track and did a Special Feature...

Austin Young
Austin Young threw in his degree in Art in Paris for a career as an artist in New York...

Planet of the Drums

continuing a re-evaluation of graphic and real space through visual form.

How interactive can typography be if it does not react uniquely to every instance of a letterform?

Jeremy Tankard 1:3 / Jimmy Chen 0:1
We have seen the ability for and of intelligent type (Letterror's types). On another level there is/were Multiple Masters - allowing the user to adjust the type image accordingly. Not only width, weight (Myriad) but also optically (Minion). Thus allowing for a visually correct type size (in the eyes of some that is, remember it may not be what the job requires). MM fonts have been discontinued, due (I feel) to problems in printing and lack of understanding the potential.

Over the years font formats have been dreamed about that would allow intelligent mutation of type. Apples fated GX fonts (now called AAT - Apple Advance Typography) are similar to Adobe's Multiple Master technology. But AAT also allows for 'glyph substitution' - we see this in some applications when typing f and i = ligature automatically.

Int. Herald Tribune
Art and Culture
Kaliber 10000


Graphics International
Eye Magazine
Stockholm New

Typography 21
Hybrid Space

Tipper - The Critical Path
Flanger - Templates
Mirwais - Production

The Matrix
The Crouching Tiger

Our own Inspector Gadget Anders from DFORM1 - helps us find cool technology gadgets, furniture and more - all reviewed.