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  February 1, 2001 | Layer 1/3

Designgraphik Phour

DESIGNGRAPHIK PHOUR is an example of graphics seen as a reintegration with realspace, both conceptually and spatially - it is part of an evolving visual language in which natural forms give rise to and are reappropriated by the binary codes of computer software, which in turn produce radical reconfigurations of basic mathematic correlations -- shapes. They reflect, intimate and jostle with natural forms, here a canister and there a fern; here a protruding rectangle; there a natural fourth spatial dimension... But in their collectivity, in their vibrant co-presentation on the canvas, their coexistence on the screen, they begin to articulate new contexts. They break away from formal conventions by a radical kind of fusion of those forms only possible in a liquid, non-physical medium - one unhindered by the combinatorics of digital data.