Sony Cyber-shot™ DSC-F505.

"What the hell is this?" you say to yourself the first time you see this stylized baby. This new digital camera offers state-of-the-art technology right at your fingertips. It's superslick, futuristic design with buttons thrown all over the little magnesium body makes it a true eye catcher.

The long Carl Zeiss precision lens has even got a built in pop-up flash. Important buttons are mounted on the side of the huge lens for quick access. On the body itself, is the traditional view finder exchanged with a 2" high resolution back lit lcd colour display.

The FSC-F505 has got all the output you need: a/v video out, usb (win98/mac) and serial interface. And the little thing stores it pictures on Sony Memory Sticks. It comes with a 4 mb stick which is way too small for even the last photosession. You'll need at least 32 mb, but 64 is definately preferred and with that configuration you will be able to store around 120-130 images in 1600x1200 resolution and high quality compression.

This is exactly what makes this camera so desirable. It's colours and crispness are truly the best in it's class ... Even at night it delivers ultracrisp pictures. No jpeg noise and no distorted colours. You can even record mpeg movies in 320x240 including sound. This camera is probably one of the best offers out there right now.

State of the art technology smoothly blends with sophisticated high tech functionalism. Oh yeah!

More info: Sony