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  January 14, 2001 | Layer 1/4

Max Bruinsma

Max Bruinsma has an impressive CV - one that is too extensive to recount here. His brief biography is a good pointer though, and it's online on his site - here.

I first came across Max's name through the work he did during his tenure as the Editor of eye magazine. As someone recently introduced to wallpaper*, and the wide world of aesthetics, eye magazine seemed a titanic leap toward the kind of publication I would be interested in participating in, as well as subscribing to. There seemed to be an almost mythical world of intelligence and cultural convergence actually physically embedded within the pages of the magazine, and each essay and profile conspired to construct this living edifice to informed and incisive thinking - something I had never seen in a magazine before. The editorials were far-reaching in their implications, and yet not at the expense of making specific and keen commentary. There was a sense of the tone being in transition as well, a strong sense of a need to broaden the field of commentary, and take into account different communication strategies and mediums. Whilst that has given way to a more political beast under the current editor, eye still remains by far the most comprehensive and self-assured critical index of design in print today.