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  May 1, 2000 | Layer 1/2

DFORM1 - Machines Need Love Too [tm]

Having seen the new dform1 site being built from nearly the beginning, I'm very happy to see that it's finally finished for the whole world to see. Anders has once again created something very pleasing to the eyes, something that I think everyone will enjoy.

At first glance, you're going to notice immediately that he was feeling very brave when he thought out the new layout for dform1. All I have to say is...PINK! Oh yes, tons of pink. But I'm not disappointed in the least. The blend of pink, grey, and tons of sugar makes me feel tingly all over. So sexy.

Okay, so you already know that it looks super cool, but what about its functionality? You may at first be confused by what the hell you are supposed to do once you get there, but take a minute and look around. You'll surely figure it out. See that nice robotic arm? Well that's the new menu system, and although the idea behind it is excellent, it seems to function rather oddly. For whatever reason, the menu items seem to jump to a different position when you try and click on them. I like the idea of 'spinning' the arm around, but it gets a bit jerky when you're actually trying to get somewhere. Other than that, it's great.