TMB is short for The Mookie Brothers. It may sound stupid, but if you're a huge Spike Lee fan as I am, it is the perfect name. In the 1980 film "Do the Right Thing, Mookie, played by Spike Lee, is the pizza delivery boy who was always experiencing new things about his neighborhood and life. So I thought what the hell, why don't we name our band The Mookie Brothers as we were always experiencing something new. After a year or so people started mixing up the name with The Monkey Brothers and shit like that, so eventually we changed our name to TMB to avoid any further misunderstanding.

01. Studio Manipulations [4mb]
02. Young Female Elephants [2.5mb]
03. People [2.8mb]
04. Mind of a Tortoise [2.9mb]
05. Lowres Dubbin [5.8mb]
06. Busy Sunday [1.7mb]
07. Tribute [1.7mb]
08. Slow-fi [1.7mb]