Slowpho, an unsigned act from Norway, are the new THREE.OH special feature. In their own words they describe their aesthetic as being:

"not as much electronic generated sounds as electronic manipulated sounds"...

Slowpho are Hilde Drange and Christian Watkins, a duo making electronic music that can lead the way to new and interesting soundscapes combining Hilde's vocals and Christian's programming and production. They recently released an EP on GrooveCentral Records featuring two tracks (including 'Lovetech').

Hilde grew up in Bergen, on the westcoast of Norway - where Christian lives now. Christian grew up in Kristiansand - where Hilde now lives.

01. Dial (edit) [1.5mb]
02. Fabric (edit) [1.1mb]
03. Lovetech (edit) [1.5mb]
04. Silvermoon (edit) [1.0mb]