Computorgirl is a solo musical project undertaken in August 1999 by Benedicte Sveinsson. The music is an alternate and expanded expression of lyrics and poetry that were written at different points early on in the genesis of the project. The sound is a deceptively interesting on tracks like "Could You Ever Ignore", where conventional 80's synth sounds are opened up by more progressive nineties beats and angst-ridden ghost-like voices. This is the type of music people like me use six adjectives to describe, unsuccessfully. Because it is what it is: eclectic, deeply interwoven with cross-reference, faintly DJ Rap, faintly Lamb, slightly Andrea Parker, a little Ibiza - even in some ways very 'Shoreditch', in that it doesn't seem forced. If anything it's indulgent.

01. Like Me [4.7mb]
02. Again and Again [4.6mb]
03. The Touch [3.2mb]
04. The Computor Song [3.7mb]
05. Flying for 8.36 [10.1mb]
06. Could You Ever Ignore [5.7mb]