Autoshop is the culmination of over a year's work on many autonomous, A.I., generative and 'creative' studies. It brings together many important aspects of research regarding creativity, perception, notions of value and/or authenticity. As well as providing a central focal point for a 'generative' multi-media system, it is parodying interface design and (both traditional and new media) software development.

Autoshop takes the clean-cut, productive interface of a well-known commercial software product (Adobe® Photoshop® in case you hadn't noticed) and imbues it with ideas of self-generative, autonomous, (creative?) influence and activity. Autoshop is capable of being both a tool for generating digital images under (variable) human control, and a play-pen for artificial/digital lifeforms, A.I. bots, and pseudo-chaos systems. The output is entertaining, startling and thoroughly usable.